Trump will generate profits as his Washington, DC resort sells out for election night time


The Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

President Donald Trump's hotel in Washington, DC is set to make big bucks on Election Day.

Trump's election campaign is scheduled to host a party at the Trump International Hotel on election night. According to the hotel's website, the rooms in the hotel with 263 rooms sold out that evening. When CNBC reached the hotel on Friday morning, a reservations specialist confirmed that there were no rooms available for the night.

While the agent couldn't determine how much the rooms cost, the prices for the days before and after the night in question provide some clues. On Fridays and Saturdays, standard rooms cost over $ 1,000 and the more expensive suites just under $ 2,000. For days immediately after November 4th, prices start at a little over $ 635.

It is not clear whether the President himself will attend the celebrations at the hotel. He said Friday that he hasn't decided where to spend the evening.

Even so, Trump's campaign got donors to give some money and win the chance to be at the hotel on election night.

"I have agreed with my team to fly one of my BEST SUPPORTERS to Washington, DC to attend the election night party with Team Trump at my favorite hotel," said an email to supporters asking them to join Contribute to the campaign.

Critics have questioned how the hotel can host a party that is causing the coronavirus pandemic and Washington's gathering restrictions.

The Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and the Trump Organization, currently run by the president's elder sons, have not returned requests for comment.

While it is unclear how much the Trump campaign paid for the event itself, the president's political organizations and allies have already given the commander a boost in the chief's hotel property.

From mid-August through early October, the Trump campaign spent nearly $ 210,000 on the records designated by the Federal Election Commission as "lodging" throughout the Trump Hotel Collection.

Between Trump's campaign and his joint fundraising committees with the RNC, Trump real estate has made over $ 17 million since he became president in 2016, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.

CRP data shows the RNC paid at least $ 200,000 for the space at Trump's Washington hotel in August.

But it was not just Trump's campaign that gave his hotel companies a jump in profits.

A Washington Citizens' Responsibility and Ethics report shows that special interest groups have likely spent more than $ 13 million on Trump's business since he took office. The CREW estimates that over 130 special interest events have been held at Trump's properties. Those industries ranged from private prison entrepreneurs to payday lenders, according to the CREW.


Steven Gregory