Urban Meyer, Jaguars seem ready to give Tim Tebow a chance at a close end


For the first time since 2015, it seems like Tim Tebow has the chance to play in the NFL. The former Broncos, Jets, Patriots and Eagles quarterback has played baseball with the Mets minor league members for the past five seasons, but now it appears that his college coach Urban Meyer would like to give him a chance with the Jaguars to play.

Of course, it won’t be on the quarterback spot. The Jags just dumped Trevor Lawrence in # 1 overall, so he’s their long-term starter. Instead, 33-year-old Tebow is trying to move to the tight endpoint, a move that could have extended his NFL career from the start.

On the surface, it may seem strange to give a chance to a 33-year-old player who has been out of the league for five seasons and is changing positions. Even so, the Jaguars employees seem confident that Tebow can offer the team something, and the Ownership and Front Office employees seem to agree.

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In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Tony Khan, son of Jacksonville owner Shad Khan and chief football strategy officer for the Jaguars, didn’t say much about Tebow’s training with the team, but did confirm that Meyer believes Tebow could play a role in Jacksonville .

“Tim definitely came in and trained,” said Khan. “Besides that, I can’t say too much, but Tim got in and it turned out to be a close end. It’s not a position we’ve seen him play, but it’s a position he practiced with us. So it will be interesting to see how that also contributes to us on the offensive. Obviously, Urban knows Tim very well and Tim has a great track record. Urban really thinks he can help us and I think that makes a lot of sense. And it’s a position we need to get better at. “

Khan is right in that the jaguars don’t have much in the tight end position. Currently, Chris Manhertz is the top option on their depth map, with James O’Shaughnessy serving as veteran backup and Tyler Davis, Ben Ellefson and Luke Farrell making up a selection of younger options in that position. They haven’t had top 40 receptions at the position since 2015, so they’re still looking for a player to serve Lawrence as an improved weapon.

Tebow obviously wouldn’t fit into the bill as a long-term option since he’s 33 years old, but Meyer and Co. leave no stone unturned in looking for ways to improve the Jaguars. That may include giving the athletic Tebow a look at the tight end despite his five-year absence from football and lack of experience.

In the NFL, quarterbacks have already broken out at the narrow end position. Most notably, former Cardinal QB Logan Thomas came on stage last year in his first full year as a starter on the Washington Football Team with 72 catches, 670 yards and six touchdowns. Could Tebow be the next to do that? It’s hard to imagine, but anything is possible.

And the relationship between Meyer and Tebow goes back a long way. If anyone is ready to give Tebow a chance to return to the NFL and play a new position, it would make sense to be Meyer.


Steven Gregory