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Since 1992, our local deck and fence installation firm has been providing exceptional services to homeowners and commercial clients. We specialize in creating the construction, building and installation of fences and decks that transform your property into an outdoor space you truly love.

We can construct any kind of fence you require such as a picket fence that will improve the aesthetics of your home or a chain link fence for privacy or pets enclosure. We can build a deck for you that enhances your yard and provides a focal point in your backyard.

What we do

Our company specializes on deck and fence construction and design for residential and commercial homes in Longmont. Our experts can design and construct various fencing alternatives for your property, including a classic wooden fence, modern, sleek deck or a cost-effective option for your farm or garden. We offer our clients a wide range of materials and designs to select from, and our expert consultants will guide you about the materials available that suit your home perfectly. We can construct any size fence or deck, no matter what its complexity.


Because of their distinctive appearance and value, wooden decks are very popular. The deck builders we employ are experienced in designing and installing wooden decks of all sizes and shapes for houses all over Longmont, NJ. We use only the best quality wood to create the perfect deck for your home. We offer regular maintenance services to make sure your deck stays in good condition.

Wood fence

There are a variety of wood fencing options to choose from, including pine, cedar and cypress redwood. These options can be customized to suit your needs and vision. Our skilled deck builders will advise you on the best material choice which will last and be low maintenance for years to be. Whether you want a gorgeous wooden fence around your garden, yard, home, or anywhere in between, you can count on us to provide a stress-free wood fence installation.

Picket fence

Picket fencing is among the most sought-after alternatives for fencing. It enhances the elegance of your property or business property. Picket fencing is constructed in any size or shape by our experts. Whether you prefer wooden, traditional white picket fence, or perhaps a more taller and modern style, we can design according to your taste.

Chain-link fencing

Chain-link fencing is an ideal choice for commercial farms, animal shelters, and residential lots with large pools that require privacy and security. We collaborate with homeowners and business owners to provide the security, privacy, and pet enclosures. Chain-link fences are safe and economical.

Low-cost Deck and Fencing Contractors that are trusted By Longmont Residents

We provide top-quality deck design and installation at extremely affordable prices within Longmont. At no cost our experts will give you a detailed rundown of charges, the services needed and estimated time to complete, and a consultation session on various designs. We’re also open about the cost and will provide you with an estimate before you start. This allows you to be assured that the project won’t leave you with any surprises.

Our top priority is your satisfaction. We’ll never stop until your dream deck or fence is a reality that complements the aesthetics of your property.

Why choose us for your Deck and Fence installation?

We have been providing unparalleled deck and fence installation services throughout Longmont for over 20 years. We only employ the best quality equipment as well as protective gear to protect our clients.

New customers get a 10% discount on the installation of all fences and decks. If you are not satisfied with the results Our team will come back to fix it until you are completely satisfied. Our designers will work with you side by side to make sure that the final product matches your vision perfectly.

Enjoy an uncomplicated installation of your fence or deck that will surpass your expectations!

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To get a free estimate on the costs as well as the design, layout, and any other aspect of a new or renovated deck or fence, call us today. The experts will assess your lot and provide specific feedback on the most effective way to build the fence or deck.


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