Week eight Fantasy Protection Leaderboard: Sleepers, Busts, D / ST Streamers with Waiver Wire to Goal


Finding a rewarding fantasy defense is often the hardest part of the season during the middle weeks of the season. Between goodbye and major defensive player injuries, some of the best D / STs are either idling or doing worse than expected. Tough matchups against good crimes are also always a problem (especially this week). Even so, our week eight fantasy defense rankings will attempt to identify some of the better waiver wire streamers as we continue to target bug-prone quarterbacks and poor lines of attack.

Unfortunately, this week two of the easiest units to exploit, Washington and Jacksonville, are saying goodbye. Usually the opponents of these two teams either enter the streamer category or upgrade an already strong defense to a top 5 game. Instead, fantasy owners will have to navigate without that luxury this week. The good news is that weekly D / STs aren't out this week as Arizona and Houston join Washington and Jacksonville goodbye.

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Fortunately, two top 10 defenses return to action after their parting. The Ravens (v Steelers) and Colts (@ Lions) have both been fantastic this year, but they both have tough matchups this week. It's worth noting, however, that the Ravens were traded against star pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue, who previously belonged to the Vikings, while the Colts were supposed to get back after a few weeks of missed stud linebacker Darius Leonard (groin). There aren't any optimal games this week either, but given the lack of depth of position, you can take risks with either.

Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Narrow end | Kicker

At the top of this week's leaderboard are the Bucs and Chiefs who face the Giants and Jets respectively. Get used to seeing the opponents of the two New York teams in the top five. The Rams (@Dolphins) also crack the top three this week as they face Tua Tagovailoa on his first start and were supposed to put pressure on him with Aaron Donald.

In terms of streamers, the closet is pretty empty. The Cowboys (@ Eagles) might be a nice game if they can take advantage of the Eagles' battered offensive line, but they haven't done much against Washington over the past week (two sacks, no takeaways, 23 offensive points allowed) so they're a big one Boom-or-bust risk. Green Bay (versus Vikings) and Tennessee (versus Bengals) are options for higher floors that also have fairly high ceilings.

NOTE: Check for updates all week.

Week 8 Fantasy Defense Rankings

rank team
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Giants. The Giants reach the second smallest yards per game this season at 282.4. The Bucs only allow 291.3 yards per game, good for the third smallest in the NFL. That makes this matchup appetizing, especially when you consider that Daniel Jones flipped the ball at least once in every game and has been sacked almost three times per game this season.
2 Kansas City Chiefs versus Jets. Against the Broncos in Week 7, the Chiefs forced four turnovers, fired Drew Lock three times, and had two D / ST touchdowns on a pick 6 and a kick return TD. Now they have to face the jets, which averaged 12.1 points per game and 264.3 meters per game. The Chiefs should feast again and have a great chance of collecting double-digit fantasy points.
3 Los Angeles Rams @ Dolphins. The Dolphins have been solid on the offensive this year, but they switch quarterbacks coming from their parting. Rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa will make his NFL debut against a solid defense with some star players in Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. It may take Tua some time to get used to the NFL level. As such, the Rams are a good game this week as they can potentially put pressure on the Alabama product and force it into faulty throws.
4th Los Angeles Chargers @ Broncos. After giving away the ball to the Chiefs four times last week, the Broncos are set to have the second highest turnover in the NFL (14). The chargers have a huge rush of people with Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram back in action. So you should be able to put pressure on Drew Lock and create more takeaways in a cheap matchup. They only fired Gardner Minshew five times and almost came up with several tips so they should have similar success against Lock.
5 Philadelphia Eagles versus Cowboys. Speaking of teams with loads of freebies, the Cowboys have a whopping 16 in the season, which is good for most in the NFL. They missed five of their six best offensive linemen against Washington in week 7, and now they may have Andy Dalton (concussion) in question against the Eagles in the seventh round against Ben DiNucci. The Eagles got three sacks and three turnovers against the Giants last week so they shouldn't have any problems facing the weakened cowboys.
6th Buffalo Bills versus Patriots. Suddenly the patriots are in trouble. They threw four picks against the 49ers and only scored 3 points during the game. They're the bottom 10 yards per game (352.2) and only score 19.2 points per game, good for the fourth worst in the league. Cam Newton has had problems lately, and if his recipients don't step up, the problems will continue. The Bills have had some defensive issues this year, but after a refresher game against the Jets in which they repeatedly blocked New York after allowing 10 points, they can count on a patriotic team to play well outside.
7th Green Bay Packers versus Vikings
8th Tennessee Titans @ Bengals
9 Indianapolis Colts @ Lions
10 New Orleans Saints @ Bears
11 New England Patriots @ Bills
12 Dallas Cowboys @ Eagles
13 Cleveland Browns versus Raiders
14th Baltimore Ravens versus Steelers
fifteen Detroit Lions versus Colts
16 Chicago Bears vs. Saints
17th Pittsburgh Steelers @ Ravens
18th Seattle Seahawks versus 49ers
19th San Francisco 49ers @ Seahawks
20th Las Vegas Raiders @ Browns
21st Miami Dolphins versus Rams
22nd Denver Broncos versus Chargers
23 New York Giants versus privateers
24 Atlanta Falcons @ Panthers
25th Carolina Panthers versus Falcons
26th Cincinnati Bengals versus Titans
27 Minnesota Vikings @ Packers
28 New York Jets @ Chiefs

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