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What is the Best IDX Plugin to use in 2022?

Sep 21

There are several IDX plugins available, but when it comes down to a choice between Showcase IDX and another plugin our research found that most consumers choose websites powered by Showcase IDX. Ultimately, the choice for the IDX on your website comes down to what home buyers and sellers prefer.

In a recent research study of more than 20,000 real estate agent websites from across the United States, they tracked more than 135,000 qualified leads (home buyers and sellers) visiting those sites as they searched for homes. Here's a PDF of the report, but keep reading for a summary.

The real estate website and IDX study led to a few great conclusions every Realtor should know:

Would qualified leads use your website?

If not, paying for leads, generating them through ads, or working your network will ultimately make it hard to grow your real estate business. 

When home buyers leave your site to conduct their search elsewhere, where do they go?

If they go to Zillow or Redfin, which the study showed most do, you have an almost 100% chance that a competing agent will be calling and emailing your prospective (or past) client. Zillow has been making a killing off of advertising services, and as an agent you need to be careful if your clients are using this portal. If they provide their contact information on Zillow then it will give the opposing side access too!

Zillow earned $1 billion in 2019 from advertising services and much more in 2020, which is the value of your client’s contact and budget info. Zillow is a public company and this can all be found in their quarterly and annual reports. 

Why does IDX plugin choice matter?

The research shows that there is a substantial difference in how the choice of IDX impacts client retention and an even more significant impact on search engine rankings.

The data also points out long-term lower costs once set up properly with successful real estate marketing tools, as some of the vendors like IDX Broker "offer" a lower price but only for a limited version of their plugin and most agents will end up paying much more than with the leader in the area.


How does a better real estate website grow your business?

This research also reinforced the value of real estate agents that have their own website powered by a modern IDX. The data shows that these professionals are more likely to close 10 transactions per year (or more) than those without one, with up to 2x as many leads converting and closing on their first visit alone!

it also showed that when an agent owns their personal website, rather than using one provided by their brokerage, that they are able to keep that value and continue to grow it when they change brokerages? Think you may not change brokerages? The average time an agent is with their brokerage is 5 years according to NAR. 

Want to learn more from the study and how it applies to your business? Want to see how IDX Broker compares to iHomefinder, Diverse Solutions, Chime, YLOPO, Realscout, Real Geeks, REW, or others? Click here to see the full report