Why was Dwayne Haskins launched? Washington cuts the choice for the primary spherical of 2019 after a turbulent week


The Washington Football team cut ties with Dwayne Haskins Monday afternoon, just 20 months after bringing Haskins out of Ohio in the first round.

The release comes less than 24 hours after Haskins struggled and was banned for Washington in a week 16 against the Panthers. Last week, Haskins was involved in reported maskless attendance at a strip club, fined $ 40,000. He was robbed of his WFT captain, put on a bench and now finally released. Haskins officially waived the transaction on Monday.

In a statement, Washington coach Ron Rivera said: "I met with Dwayne this afternoon and told him we were going to release him. I told him that I thought it would benefit both parties that we went our separate ways."

Here you can read more about what happened to Haskins that led to his release.

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Why did Washington release Dwayne Haskins?

The release of Haskins follows a tumultuous week for the 2019 15th overall pick, with reports reported that he went to a maskless strip club. This resulted in a fine of $ 40,000 and the subsequent loss of his captaincy with the WFT. Then Haskins completed half of his passes with two interceptions and a lost fumble before Rivera pulled him for Taylor Heinicke on Sunday.

It hasn't been smooth sailing for Haskins in his two-year tenure in Washington, which is why those final bumps on the road were just the cherry on the cake for his release. Haskins started seven games as a rookie and went 2-5 with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. 2020 didn't get any better as Washington was 1-5 at Haskins' six starts while throwing five touchdowns versus seven interceptions.

Haskins was unable to capture the exact passport he had reported in the state of Ohio. He completed 60.1 percent of his passes with Washington after completing 70.0 percent during his career in the state of Ohio. Washington had already installed Haskins in favor of Kyle Allen in early 2020. After Allen was injured, Alex Smith took over in place of Haskins, and now he's been reinstalled for Heinicke.

Working against Haskins was Rivera's hiring ahead of the 2020 season, which meant the crew Haskins had chosen was no longer on site. Rivera brought Allen and Heinicke from Carolina and gave him more personal investment in them than in Haskins.

Rivera had already held a press conference on Monday morning before the news of Haskins' release. In that press release, he admitted that, according to The Washington Post, Haskins has talent, but some of his words stand out especially after Washington released Haskins.

"Sometimes you have to take some hard hits," said Rivera. "Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom."


Steven Gregory