Will Zalatoris, caddy lookal ‘Happy Gilmore’ and runner-up in the Masters, offers Adam Sandler services


Green jacket, gold jacket – who messes up?

If you’ve seen pro golfer Will Zalatoris in the past, you might recognize him by the big screen. Zalatoris bears a remarkable resemblance to actor Jared Van Snellenberg, who portrayed one of Happy Gilmore’s caddies in the 1996 golf comedy film of the same name.

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Adam Sandler’s star, Happy Gilmore himself, took notice and took to Twitter to congratulate his caddy on his final round.

Zalatoris noted the good wishes of the main character and offered his services to Sandler in the future should he ever return to the links.

If you ever need a caddy again, please let me know. I’m getting better this time. I’m always here for you, Mr. Gilmore.

– Will Zalatoris (@WillZalatoris) April 12, 2021

Zalatoris, 24, had a good weekend to himself, finishing one stroke behind Hideki Matsuyama for the green jacket, taking in more than a million dollars.

Fortunately, no one aimed at Zalatoris for attempting to steal golf clubs.

Shooter McGavin could not be reached for comment.


Steven Gregory