“Working From Home And Selling Your Own Courses In 2021 Just Got Really Easy!”

 “Working From Home And Selling Your Own Courses In 2021 Just Got Really Easy!”


Okay, in this article we’re going to briefly go over the dashboard together.  So, i’m on the dashboard tab right here so you’re going to see active white labels total products total transactions and active customers.  The other tabs are courses premium courses academy bundle training my profile and log out so let’s go ahead and check out the courses tab.  So, here’s where you’re going to find your four bundles in here and you’re going to want to set up each white label for those bundles okay so if you did purchase white label.  It’s gonna be the same process so you click on this button set it up fill in the details i’m not gonna go over each details but we’re gonna go in the next article i’m gonna set up one with you together. 

So, you can see how it’s done okay if you didn’t purchase white label fog you’ll see in this video how to do it all right in the preview video here that’s just to show you the explainer video that’s on the sales page for this bundle just to see what that looks like you have.  Your descriptions as well here so you can know what each product bundle is okay so in the next tab you have premium courses right here so these are in the uh course if i pro if you pick that up so you can have access to the email bundle and the affiliate bundle.  Which each has two courses inside of those so just an extra incentive so you’re gonna have more bundles to sell if you pick up the pro edition as well as the other perks which is the um email swipes. 

You’re gonna have the serial key generator and some cool stuff so again it’s the same process you set up your white label right here clicking on the blue buttons and you can preview the explainer video if you want to right so the next tab here is academy bundle and this is an upsell inside the funnel and what academy bundle is is it bundles all of the bundles together in one so that your customers can log into one dashboard and get access to everything.  So, this is great for a monthly membership site if you want to do that. 

So, like i said the difference between this and the standard coursified version is coursify each bundle has its own membership site okay so when they purchase that they’re going to log into that membership site say traffic bundle and they get access to just the traffic bundle okay courses so like i said with this one they’re going to log into one platform and they get access to everything so if you didn’t pick up this upgrade you might want to.  Might be something you want to do all right and again you’re going to set that up right here so let’s go check out the next tab here the training so as you can see in here.  We’re still doing some work at the time i’m making this video on the thumbnails and whatnot but the training is going to be exactly the same as white label fi because as i said in the welcome video.  Just in case you skip that i’ll mention it again we’re using the same exact membership platform here the software itself is the bare bones kit of white label five and it’s pretty much the same thing itself you’re selling courses instead of software all right so that’s how that works.

So in here when you go through some of these training modules such as the private domain setup the live editor and the payment integrations you might see me logged into the white label five platform but like i said it’s exactly the same as set it up okay so you’re gonna see a new version in here of the video for dashboard training and how to set up your white labels using the course of five platforms.  Okay, but the rest of these in here is gonna be using the white label platform like i said same thing okay so don’t get confused with that so the next tab here is my profile and inside here you can change your password go ahead and enter it if you want to.  Right here and right here confirm it and then click on change password and then you have your log out button and that’s about it for the dashboard and coursify so go ahead now and check out the next video on how to set up your white label rights for the bundles


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